Thursday, 23 March 2017


Hello guys
This time I will give trick to get free dollars on a website.

Mandatory requirement is:
- Have Paypal
- Have e-mail for account verification
- Turn off addblock on which browser you use (wear modzila suggestion that l loading is faster, because the website is cooperating with mozila firefox)
- Turn to the appearance of the browser Pop Up

- The IP of the email one of the Paypal account, if the break will directly hit BANNED

To register could open here

- Register through Email and Password Settings
- Verify your account via email, open the email, search the inbox of his web account and then click on the activation link
- Log in with your email and password that has been set in the beginning
- Click My Profile
- Click the Edit Profile under Avatar (green), fill out and save
- Click Change Profile Picture below Avatar (orange), upload a photo and save it
- Let us look for a free Dollar explanation below its ordinances

Dollar income in the form of points is through EARN POINT menu in which there are several methods to get his point, which is as follows:
1. AUTO SURF, basically this is a method PTC show some ads that we get an extra point, but here we can simply click one time only, the website will automatically open an existing ads. So just simply press the auto surf one time only, you will get the point many times, but not to close the web ads there because it will continue to run if auto surf we run, there is no restriction on advertising per day, so the longer uses auto surf the more points we can. (Never close down the web could dismiss its ads for auto surf)
2. DAILY POINT, daily attendance, so once a day we clicked the button DAILY POINT will counting in next day
3. FREE POINT, by spreading the link of our account, it will receive 60% point of our downline without prejudice to point our downline
4. PAID LOOKING FansPage, by just looking at other people's facebook fanspage we will get the point
5. PAID LOOKING VIDEO, ie with only view the videos available then answer the questions, the material is in the video, if the answer is correct, then we would get a point
6. PAID LOOKING WEBSITE, by just looking at the website, then answer the questions, usually the question is "what color the background of the website?" then we answered with the color choices are available, if the answer is correct then it will get the point
7. Hourly POINT, will get an extra point if AUTO SURF perform at least 2 hours a day, obtain referrals, 100x minimum chat and link URLs in your website
8. BIG POINT, by the way:
- Provide evidence of your comment about the web alexamaster to a website forum (website should go in the alexa TOP RANK 1 to 50000), send us a screenshot of your comment and attach it to alexamaster (bonus point 10,000)
- Make a video about the review alexamaster (mandatory visible face and use the English language with a grammar that is pretty good) and sent to the email (bonus point 60,000)
- Writing an article about SEO alexamaster, using the English language and a minimum of 300 words) and send to (bonus point 30,000)
- Create an animated cartoon about alexamaster by using the tools rodika or dilantha and conversations with the English language and send to (bonus point 30,000)
- A song about alexamaster with English and send to (90,000 point bonus)

Its all about online money making..also can promoting your website(SEO and SMO) for free..but you can also spent your money too with buying traffic to increase your website rank.

Good luck guys for hunting free dollars, hope it will be helpful, thank you