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A revolutionary market monitoring tool from Trackr

No one can know where the price of a crypto coin is going in the market. No one knows a coin will fall or rise. A prediction sometimes does not work. But if we are only able to speculate then it can also be called a gambling. We're not gamblers but probably most traders, but are we just speculating on what's going to happen using our money? Surely you do not want to bet millions of dollars on something you do not believe for the sake of a small profit. A turbulent market can drastically undermine all your capital down, if you do not have a good system and the right analysis to deal with the stock market in investing your money.

These weaknesses or ignorance have put more pressure on us all to continue to monitor market or news media market in the desire to invest with low risk but with a high rate of return. It becomes very difficult to know the emergence of crypto coins and new technology in realtime. The market will continue to be volatile as media announcements can easily control public sentiment in a short period of time.

The presence of Trackr as a mobile app that offers real-time alerts and updates on a continuous basis if there are changes to the cryptocurrency market will occur significantly. Applications in the Trackr platform will offer an all-in-one program to view and manage user portfolios, can predict crypto that is considered safe to invest. In addition users can also create some kind of monitoring to alert various crypts based on user-agreed criteria. Trackr will also use historical data models and have machines that can learn to adapt to get a more advanced and best portfolio prediction model.

Newbie cryptocoiners may be reluctant to invest due to lack of appropriate knowledge or analysis in the market. This is in compound by the rise of the value of a crypto that can be associated directly with the number of fraud schemes that we often encounter outside the world of cryptocurrency. Most investors often invest indiscriminately based on unwarranted media reports, packed with interesting schemes, using praise to convince investors and a promise that has never been fulfilled. Trackr aims to address all of the issues mentioned above as well as provide reliable and useful insights for users.

Trackr will put all users to a very lucrative level, instead of the fear of seeing the market volatile horribly then leaving it, by using the Trackr app, every significant market price change will lead you to the right position and gain the most profit. Is not this a good thing?

Trackr offers professional trading tools for even newbie or proffesional levels. Key features include portfolio tracking across multiple exchanges using real time data, trend, analysis and insights. Smart sync configured directly by the user. Sudden alert from the market. Predictions are accurate because machines can learn and adapt for more better.

These trackrs token can be purchased in the crowdsale period starting on 16 August 2017 at a price of 5000TKR / ETH. There are 65,000,000 TKR tokens with 90% details allocated for sale on ico crowdsale or as many as 58.5 million TKR tokens. Bounty campaign and team each 5% or as many as 3.250.000 TKR tokens.

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