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BitClave- Blockchain-based Search Engine

Blockchain is now slowly penetrating into every piece of tech that has is in use right now. Perhaps the greatest recent achievement of tech was the Search Engine. Google of course led pioneering work in online search that allowed information to propagate faster and it also become much more reliable due to addition of search filters and SEO techniques.

Now search engine is an amazing tech but just like everything associated with a centralized framework from these big corporations, it comes at a heavy price. $550 billion worth of ads are posted with the help of the data from search engines each year and the number is increasing astronomically.

The price is your search history, likes, dislikes and information is compromised and then used in Google’s Adsense to provide you with appropriate rights. This information can even be sold to other companies and this metadata is considered to be very valuable. For the users, it is not an easy thing to digest as history may include our physical addresses, email addresses, search history, our contacts, medical history and much more.

It is privacy infringement that we cannot just avoid as all search engines adopt this behavior and the biggest one of them Google is notorious for the use of our data. It is also known that this data can easily by swooped by government agencies and thus infringing our rights even further. This simply cannot continue if we are aiming for a cyber space built around anonymity. Blockchain is not only a secure ledger but it can provide the anonymity we need. This is where BItClave comes in.

BitClave is a new blockchain-based search engine that allows you the freedom to choose. But chose what exactly? Well, the simple answer is your search engine history. BitClave’s search history is backed by a secure blockchain and snooping data out of it is impossible but it isn’t just a secure search engine. It allows you to “sell” your search history to the companies. Pretty cool, huh? The search industry is worth $550 billion and growing.

Why shouldn’t the users have a share of that pie without compromising their really important data that ends up in the hands of search engine companies anyway? So, the concept is really appealing so let’s look at how they want to turn things around and challenge the biggest tech company in the world.

The first step involved is to remove the role of search company in your user data. You alone control your user data and can decide to share it with businesses and get paid every time these businesses use it to send you offers. So, in a way the advertisement money that these businesses pay will be directed to you instead of going to the search engine company’s ads division. In theory, it could be the best thing that has ever happened but still there is a lot ground to cover before such a system can be deployed. If you read the white paper of BitClave, wants to create CAT tokens to populate the new search engine especially for rewards. An ICO will be conducted to distribute these CAT tokens among investors as part of its crowdfunding campaign to kickstart the project.

Now search engines aren’t developed overnight and the ambitious project will require patience and long years of research probably before an appropriate system rivaling Google can be developed. The funds raised in the ICO will be helpful in that regard. More than 50% of the intended target is reserved for development of the BitClave platform and search engine that is collectively referred in the white paper as BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE). The company is based in Silicon Valley, California and aiming to become the next big thing not just in crypto world but also the valley itself.

$16 million has already been raised in pre-sales of the new coin that will last another 21 days. The total ICO target is set at $50 million and the total token supply will be 2 billion CAT tokens with 1 billion of them available till the first ICO ends. Search engines like BitClave are a part of the internet of the future that we deserve in which everything will be shared voluntarily and no one would be allowed to profit from the masses without their permission or giving them their fair share.

So, if you are willing to be a part of the search engine of the future, BitClave is a really promising startup to look forward to. You can read their whitepaper here and visit their website regarding the ICO here.

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