Sunday, 29 October 2017

Five Ways the Blockchain can Help Guarantee your Search Privacy

Facts and information that we may not want to be accessed, copied or interfered with is not always safe. This is because of hackers and people who may modify these pieces of information. The Blockchain gives a constant storage for our information. The data here may never be changed and new transactions are verified if they are right by the rules in place.

Data has emerged as the new “oil”. It is almost omnipotent and can be integrated across virtual and physical worlds. It is a winning card in intelligence in the digital world.

Online forums can capture our preferences from private data we offer online. Our privacy is therefore not guaranteed as specific sector giants can extract this information and use it for their own gain.

The internet has been used as an aiding platform for many industries; from Uber to Airbnb. This is because it contains information whose origin is what users on one end enter into search engines. With the blockchain technology industries like banks will be disrupted with as sending money between two parties will be easy and at a relatively low cost. The activities in the supply chain management will also be made efficient as records made the blockchain way are permanent and secure.

There are also developments on searches using the blockchain technology. A decentralized search solution, which works as an agent of a buyer and a seller. The potential buyer decides whether to share information on shopping preference or items they are interested in. The seller counters with their offers.

Blockchain guarantees privacy of our searches in the following ways:

1.  The blockchain makes activities of internet users untraceable therefore their data cannot be compiled in any way. It works to create anonymity in the actions of a specific user while online.
2.  The blockchain technology gives individuals control to monitor and secure their own data so that it cannot be exploited by anyone else.
3.  Verification of an individual’s identity is made fast and efficient, while cancel the need of a third party involvement in the whole process. This is also beneficial as delays related with third party verification are eliminated.
4.  Blockchain is a tamper-proof ledger that maintains records on a decentralized manner. It is therefore not vulnerable to being exploited like in centralized forums.
5.  It is a difficult process to extract data from a blockchain. The blocks in a chain are structured in a way that only a professional can work through them to acquire someone’s data.

How our privacy is being used for commercial purposes

When we search the internet for information the service is always great and satisfactory. However, most internet users are oblivious of what takes part behind the curtains. What we may not know is that the data here is precious to marketing and sales team worldwide. Internet giants like Google, Facebook or Amazon capture our data and make earnings by offer it to marketing teams for a handsome reward.

Every time we send messages, mail, search or click on an ad they make hundreds of dollars. When the total number of internet users is considered it is shocking the amount these companies take home. From the public, of internet users, point of view this is unfair as they already charge for data for being online in addition to earning from what we might want to be confidential.

There are ideas being developed towards this line of thought. Companies such as BitClave are working on decentralized search forums.

Bitclave Search Platform

This is an example of a platform that protects the search privacy of consumers.

Bitclave offers a solution to exploitation of our private data. It offers you the control of who can access this private pieces of information and to what extent they can use it.

With Bitclave, third party advertising networks are canceled out from the equation. You will be satisfied by the products offered and as well be paid for the information.

How it works

Bitclave employs a decentralized system that rules out the need for middlemen in the whole process.

When you are in need of a certain product, first you have to enter a search where you are in control of the data here. You decide whether to share it or not, a company finds you valuable if you share with them. You will find a company of your choice and share data of your shopping trends via blockchain-based encryption.

In this way both parties benefit, the company gets data about you and they also pay you an incentive for sharing your information with them and the chance given to showcase their offer. They pay you not even considering if you will purchase their product or not. Consumer Activities Tokens refer to what you are handed as a participant in the whole process.


The blockchain is long-lasting solution against exploitation of our privacy for commercial purposes. Its working snatches the privilege that was granted to Google, Facebook or Amazon. The free nature here is a guarantee that our privacy is safe and not prone to exploitation.

Moreover, the blockchain system works against fraud and mis-presentation of facts that can be used by someone for their own gain. It also increases efficiency in services than what was the situation before. In the past, it would take a minimum of an hour or a maximum of days to verify someone’s identity. In the digital world, this is an inconvenience that has been done away with the blockchain. It only takes a matter of seconds for an identity to be confirmed.

The main reason that Bitclave is important is because expense on digital marketing is increasing year after year. This is unnecessary as the companies like Facebook or Amazon do not guarantee that their ads will convert to profitable sales. Bitclave creates a direct network between businesses and customers.

Brands invest a lot in online marketing teams. This is considered a gamble; the result is unknown. The forums themselves cannot control the online traffic of their site, as in whether their users are active or not.

With this platform, they are totally certain that the audience is existing because they acquire data directly from them and can use it to design future promotions.


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