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Seratio the New Coins world through blockchain

Let's take a look at the nice ico project recently from Seratio. Seratio ico project at the time of writing this article has reached funding of 1.7 million dollars plus placement of capital in the company through the purchase of assets / securities. A good ico project and very unfortunate to miss because it is still in ico phase which will end at the end of this month.

What exactly is the Seratio project?
Seratio ico project is a concept ico project about infrastructure. Based in the UK country and in accordance with the regulatory framework in this country makes a good news good because the first in the Ethereum token. Fundraising will meet the foundation and infrastructure to deliver the vision of cryptocurrency with valuable values.

What is the feature?
Creating Block Enterprise Platform Seratio Enterprise as an all in one blockchain that enables beneficiaries to track their value and impact and benefit from it in various ways. This platform enables entities (individuals, corporations, organizations, institutions, etc.) to acquire, transact, use, trade and monitor their digital assets.

What are the important instuments here?
1. We know blockchain is a sophisticated technology that can be utilized in all applications in various fields that are useful for many people. A free membership group that promotes the use of Internet-of-Value and Blockchain technologies for good social and environmental outcomes. This open space has the power to revolutionize the world for the better.
2. With Fintech blockchain we can transact to enable significant structural changes within the scope of its members.
3. A family in a cryptocurrency building that has a unique record with an intangible value for the giver and receiver. Transactions may also be made depending on the impact or value creation.
4. A reward system as a tool for recognition. Accompanying all the capabilities of cryptocurrency in full, each block will carry an immeasurable value as it emits unity at all times to the recipient. Tool to distribute the immeasurable value of an organization to its volunteer supporters to obtain value / discounts from others.

Excluding Bitcoin, Ethereum has the best infrastructure and is well adopted in society. CCEG believes that the use of ETH will help wider and easier adoption of platforms, facilitate and accelerate the growth of cryptocurrencies by multiple values. In the future, the team may consider building a completely separate blockchain platform as well as advances in ethereum blockchain technolgy.

The plan for 2019 in January is about SERATIO SDG Alt-Tokens that will increase market adoption, including Faith Coin, Leadership Coin, Water Coin and other UN Sustainable Development Objectives. The unique specialty of the Seratio token is the ability to capture financial, micro, and origin assets of transactions involving people, products, processes, projects and organizations. London - New York - Shanghai - Chengdu - Kochi - Zug. Finally, they plan to launch the new Seratio 2-token Platform in July 2019.

So how do you respond to this project? Is this coin the next greatest coin or even beyond bitcoin as the biggest crypto coin in history? If you are interested in a central project for corporate citizenship and governance, you can take part with the purchase of this coin.

Reason Should invest here?
1. As a project that has received funding of more than 1 million dollars or 175% and continues. Certainly as an investor, we will not miss just a good ico.
2. This project even has a market exchange as a tool to buy and sell this token. So it does not have to wait long for trading after the token is distributed. Look at
3. As dilansir which states this project is the most convincing ico project to follow.
4. So surely this project will attract many investors with the fact that the project is worldwide or even the project that really go world.
5. Do not be pessimistic with Indonesian people. This project handles one of the Indonesian people in the comunity manager. Surely we as Indonesians certainly support it? Especially if there is a problem and subject to be asked can be directly asked there. Join Announcement thread Indonesia here
6. And the most important is the plus placement of capital in the company through the purchase of assets / securities amounting to more than 1 million euros. Certainly a value added as the most promising project.

Well for information Crowdsale and the number of tokens as follows:
Name: Seratio
Ticker name: SER
Total Suplay: 100,000,000 tokens.
Ico Sale: October 1st - October 31st
Platform: Erc20 Token Ethereum
Purchase can use currency: BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, [UK £, US $, EU € (FIAT Money)]

Seratio web:
Full Whitepaper:
Ann Thread:

This article is made based on personal views, related to investing it would be good to do the analysis first. Each type of investment must have risks depending on the scale or size of the investment and good not the concept.

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