Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The new smart comunity through blockchain

Is a fact that creating a community network is not easy even though the community has a good concept.. A number of competent community network organizations are also very difficult to develop the company without the right technology and partners.

Technology is growing rapidly that blockchain can be a mainstay as a development partner or a foundation of a good project. Underlying such a fact, there is a project that empowers organizations-based membership worldwide-Karma. Karma ico project is a platform that utilizes a decentralized blockchain technology.

We need to know every action will give effect cause and effect. If our actions are positive then we will accept positive things as well, just the opposite. Platfrom Karma underlies an initiative that brings success in every positive action with its breakthrough in decentralized blockchain technology.

The basis for all these efforts, Karma was created with the intention of being a platform or media that became the core provider as a tool to empower people of all shapes and sizes to enable them on a new scale and high level. Offers a sustainable offering in a sustainable way to develop a safe, scalable, decentralized vision of the original KML platform available to membership-based organizations anywhere in the world.

Taking place in the token smartcontract Ethereum Karma applies the KIT protocol rules directly from the platform. Its accurate and reliable validation in each transaction and adding new blocks into the blockchain ethereum network so as to prevent or minimize attacks on the Karma platform protocol.

Each Karma member is a successful and high-income person who shows his dedication to the philanthropy, the preservation of the environment, and the prosperity of the world with a noble goal that has good integrity and morals and has a strong sense of respect and a deep sense of personal responsibility.

Karma International has been successful before and will always focus on providing value back to society, to the organizations most in need. The program has contributed to hundreds of nonprofit efforts over the years and is directly involved in charities and communities. Karma will continue and massively map and execute this vision, which represents a distributed, blocked, blocked, authentic, secure, and scalable blockchain of the original KML available to any membership-based organization.

Creates a Karma token shortened with a ticker name = KIT (Karma International Token) with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion kits). One KIT can be purchased for $ 0.0706. Maximum target achievement is as much as 25.000.000 us dollar (Twenty Five Million US Dollar). There is a token bonus in each period and the number of tokens purchased. For more information about ico crowdsale this project please visit the following ico link https://tge.karmainternational.com/ and whitepaper for more details https://tge.karmainternational.com/documents/karma-whitepaper.pdf

This article is made based on personal views, related to investing it would be good to do the analysis first. Each type of investment must have risks depending on the scale or size of the investment and how good the concept.

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