Friday, 10 November 2017

BitClave for Better Privacy and Anonymity

In today’s interconnected world, the news of cyber breaches and information abuse has become a daily occurrence. Anyone with a digital life has legitimate privacy concerns about how their data is collected and used.

Of course, the exchange of data helps consumers live better and richer lives. But at the same time, it’s important that consumers have control over their own information.

BitClave’s decentralized search engine wants to provide the answer to the privacy concerns of today’s digital citizens. The search system allows customers to control the amount of information they want to share with businesses. It removes the middlemen that control the data. Customers can release personal information according to their own preferences and level of comfort. It creates an ecosystem of direct trust between customers and businesses.

BitClave Search System Gives Power Back to the Consumers

Every day companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are collecting information about consumer behaviors. The data is then converted into business intelligence and used to advertise to the same consumers through ad channels. By using these channels, consumers are giving up their rights to control their own data.

BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) is designed on the blockchain technology to help consumers control the data flow. BASE is using blockchain technology to create anonymized activity ledgers. Online collected data is stored on these digital ledgers without exposing the information to third-parties. When customers want to search for a product or a service, they can selectively release the amount of information they want to pass to the businesses.

BitClave's BASE ecosystem is decentralized and open. Businesses can create their own integration with the system to serve the customers. The customer information is recorded on the blockchain-based anonymous digital ledger. The customers decide if the data should be shared publicly or protected cryptographically. The data is not linkable to specific individuals beyond a certain length of time. So businesses will not be able to track particular users without proper consent.

Preserving Privacy and Anonymity While Rewarding Consumers

BitClave wants to reward the consumers for their participation. Today the middlemen and third-parties are benefitting from consumer data. BitClave Consumer Activity Token (CAT) is designed to give businesses the power to incentivize their customers directly.

Customers are rewarded for sharing information and checking products and services. In the BASE ecosystem, CAT tokens create a vibrant economy of exchange between different parties.

The activity types that take place in BASE are requests, offers, views, buys and sells. Customers initiate a search for a product or service with their own personal profile information in an anonymized format. Businesses provide offers based on these preferences. Customers view the offers and get rewarded with CAT tokens for reviewing the information. Customers make a decision and the buy and sell activities take place on the BASE activity ledger. Through the whole process, both customers and retailers can keep parts of their information stored on the ledger in a cryptographically anonymized format.

The Future

For the last decade, consumers have learned to give up their data for free. It wasn’t due to lack of awareness. The problem was there were no alternatives. BitClave has created a system and a community that can make a huge difference. BitClave’s decentralized search engine provides the alternative that privacy-conscious consumers were seeking for a long time.

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