Thursday, 2 November 2017

Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform

Besides working in cyberspace I also spend my spare time playing games. The class of games I used to play quite high level and need a high computer spec. For example PointBlank, Counterstrike, NeedForSpeed ​​and many others. Sometimes I force to play high spec games on my computer that are still below standard. Indeed the game can be loading but because my pc spec is mediocre to make the graphic look so broken. Over time my pc gradually become so slow and vga installed in it is also broken. Had wanted to play the famous GTA V it was canceled because pc is not support anymore.

That's part of my story as to how important a powerful pc to support in playing your favorite game that in fact must have a high spec. Sometimes when we want to play games so undo because of constraints like this. Hobby that can give new inspiration so delayed. Forced to play old school games just to release the fatigue.

As usual almost all the content of my blog content discusses about ico and blockchain technology. Back to present a new ideas and ideas in a project PLAYKEY ico project. This platform presents a new solution for all of you gamers who have a lot of flaws in your pc just to just taste how it feels to play high spec game of your dreams. A Platform that provides an alternative for you to play the game.

This platform provides a centralized and decentralized new server. Everyone can play games through this server as a tool to meloading your game. PLAYKEY paltform provides gamers with a valuable opportunity to play the highest-value games whenever and wherever, using any device connected to the Internet, without having to buy a high-end PC or console.

There are 2 important parts in the program:
1. Gamers are players who want to play a high spec game.
2. Miners are users who benefit by mercating their pc to the gamers via the PLAYKEY platform.

Advantages of gamers:
Gamers do not have to bother bothering to buy a high spec pc or game console just to play games with high spec. Everyone can play high spec games via a simple pc or laptop, even can also be played through a notebook.

Advantages of Miners:
Miners will get a number of advantages from their mining results that indirectly as providers in their pc rebound for online gamers.

Here we can conclude that there will be two mutually beneficial parties. If there is out there that has a high pc spec but not used alias idle, then he can merentalkan pc him as a fair additional income. Miners do not need to be dizzy looking for a customer like in the real world because if you've entered the online network then everyone in this world has the opportunity to become a customer.

On the other hand a gamers will easily play their favorite games without having to go to the game service provider or what we often call the cafe. And of course with a simple pc at home gamers will be able to play high-spec games.

Playkey platforms offer packages that can be used in smartcontract between miners and gamers to improve game time (hours, monthly, weekly, other) and quality preferences (HD, Full HD, or Ultra). Samartcontract will monitor conditions of achievement and make independent decisions based on pre-programmed conditions. Smartcontract ensures full automation and reliability of contractual relationships between people.

The Playkey Foundation will work with community miners to recommend which one is best for a mutually beneficial price. However, the final pricing decision will be left to the miners themselves. The purpose of the Foundation is to build a sustainable business model so that gamers who are not familiar with blockchain technology can feel good quality games with ease. A special SLA (service level agreement) requirement will be developed for miners to ensure they deliver exceptional levels of game quality to users. The SLA will include minimum requirements for hardware, broadband channel bandwidth, and operational time.

The Playkey Foundation will spend ICO funds to develop the miner's ecosystem, providing support
for miners (miners early), assist miners to pass the SLA test, and are equipped to offer a high level of service. The Playkey Foundation plans to spend 25% of funds to support the Development Fund. This organization will strive to create ecosystem stabilityand support the decentralization of miners network The Development Fund will buy the server, install it in the most efficient way in order to view the location, retain it, and become the user's appeal. A large number of servers will be auctioned regularly, so that each holder of the CCP will have the opportunity to purchase a profitable server and generate revenue.

The minimum price will be set by the Development Fund using revenue multipliers, but will not be less than the purchase price. This scheme will be based on the Playkey Foundation smartcontract to ensure transparency and efficiency. In addition, every miner will be able to create their own smartcontract to attract money. PKT holders and gamers have the opportunity to fund local professional miners, minimize latency and maximize the quality of streaming services.

To develop and fund this project everyone who likes the project work system like this is expected to contribute in the ico crowdsale which at the time of writing is live and live 28 days left. Available as many as 100,000,000 maximum tokens in the PKT ticker name. Sold as many as 60,000,000 tokens.

The public Ethereum network will serve as the decentralized settlement layer as a currency, providing interaction with users who want to transfer the CCP from the Playkey app and log in. So as to provide a better experience for users who interact with the CCP in the Playkey ecosystem. Able to solve problems on early system releases, such as blockchain scalability bottlenecks, lonely deals, faster transaction times and complex feature encapsulation.

With the development of blockchain technology, the CCP will grow and will enable the provision of this feature in a truly decentralized environment. For more details please visit the following link:
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This article is merely a personal opinion, related investments are strongly advised to analyze first in private. The author is not responsible for any losses resulting from procedural errors, omissions, misunderstandings and so on.

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