Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Decentralized cryptobank

As usual I will review a very good project to follow. This time I will discuss a concept ico project about banking. Hopefully writing made on this site can be useful for us all.

In the modern world today, can be seen from the increasingly widespread public interest to save, do business, even to invest through the banking. This has led to the rise of the banking world that can be seen from the growth of new private banks, although the government is increasingly tightening regulations on the banking world. So it can be concluded that the bank has three tasks, namely to raise funds, channel funds, and provide other bank services.

In recent years, technology has affected several industries whether it be economic, finance, banking and others. Sophisticated and transparent blockchain technology is very useful for the development of an industry or project.

Not unlike the development of banks, crypto coins is also growing rapidly and its development today. Therefore we need a tool for us to use this service with the crypto currency.Crypterium is an ICO project that is developing a service where we can easily store our cryptocoins in hp smartphones that we have. Currently Crypterium is building a Cryptobank 2.0 service for the era of cryptocurrency.

We will be able to easily store, spend, exchange and borrow practically cryptocoin in the same way as other currencies, but in a faster, cheaper and safer environment than is possible in traditional banks or other currencies.

A transparent and decentralized blockchain technology system will enable to tie the finite world of finances today and Cryptoeconomy's future with unlimited opportunities. No need to doubts as any project based on blockchain technology will work automatically without central control.

The development of peer-to-peer lending is now very active, ie a lending system where unrelated parties lend to each other directly, without traditional financial intermediaries.

The emerging service allows one person to take loans from others at a certain level, peer-to-peer credit exchanges appear, and there are really some of these solutions, this is a growing segment.

But if we look at blockchain, which should be an important stage in loan development, but here there is no loan. No one has thought of anything valuable because everything works in a different legal space.

Crypterium aims to provide a comprehensive vertical integrated service, taking into account collaboration with cryptocurrency solutions and other blockchain fan teams.


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